(ISC)2 Certification Testing

Exam Outline

Candidate Information Bulletins for (ISC)2 certification examinations are available for free in an electronic format (PDF). The outline will provide you with basic information about each domain covered in the examination. It is recommended that you obtain a copy of the document to guide you through the certification process.


(ISC)2 offers training and education programs based on our Common Body of Knowledge (CBK), a compendium of cybersecurity topics in which each examination is based on. As the creator and caretaker of the CBK, (ISC)² is uniquely qualified to bring you a comprehensive, up-to-date CBK Training Seminar to help you thoroughly understand your security knowledge. Learn more about certification training and/or training for your team.

(ISC)2 and (ISC)2 Official Training Providers are the only authorized organizations with the ability to offer exam vouchers for (ISC)2 certification exams. Be wary of "unofficial" providers who ask for your employee's Pearson VUE log-in information; release of Pearson VUE credentials to unauthorized third parties is a violation of (ISC)2 Non-Disclosure Agreement. Violations of the (ISC)2 Non-Disclosure Agreement may result in the immediate and permanent termination of your exam result or certification(s).

Certifications from (ISC)2

By earning an (ISC)2 certification, you will validate your expertise and gain (ISC)2 membership which provides you with networking opportunities, industry resources and the career support that you need in today’s information security industry.



CISSP recognizes information security leaders with the knowledge and experience to design, develop and manage the overall security posture of an organization. www.isc2.org/cissp

CISSP Concentrations


CISSP concentrations recognize CISSPs who expand their knowledge into specific subject matter areas such as architecture, engineering and management. www.isc2.org/concentrations



CCSP recognizes knowledge and competency in applying best practices to cloud security architecture, design, operations and service orchestration. www.isc2.org/ccsp



SSCP recognizes information security practitioners with the skills to manage and support the overall security posture and polices of an organization. www.isc2.org/sscp



HCISPP recognizes the key qualifications of healthcare information security and privacy practitioners with the knowledge required to successfully implement, manage, or assess security and privacy controls for healthcare and patient information. www.isc2.org/hcispp



CAP recognizes personnel responsible for formalizing processes used to assess risk and establish security requirements and documentation. www.isc2.org/cap



CSSLP recognizes the key qualifications of developers building secure software applications. www.isc2.org/csslp


Once you are notified that you have successfully passed the examination, you will be required to have your application endorsed before the certification can be awarded. An endorsement form for this purpose must be completed and signed by an (ISC)² certified professional who is an active member, and who is able to attest to your professional experience. With the Endorsement Time limit, you are required to become certified within 9 months of the date of your exam OR become an Associate of (ISC)2. If you do not become certified or an Associate of (ISC)² within 9 months of the date of your exam, you will be required to retake the exam in order to become certified. (ISC)² can act as an endorser for you if you cannot find a certified individual to act as one. Please refer to the Endorsement Assistance Guidelines for additional information about the endorsement requirements.

Your Certificate and Digital Badge

Once you have completed the endorsement process, you will receive your welcome kit in the mail which will contain your certificate and ID card. You will also receive an invitation to claim your digital badge through Acclaim to market your certification accomplishments and provide employers with a way to validate your certification status.

Last updated 2018-07-10